Our Mission Statement:

GASP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safer environment for children by delivering safety programs to protect them from dangerous situations, sex offenses, abuse and abductions.

Our Goals:

We are a network of caring volunteers who:

  1. Are a civilian arm of law enforcement that has been trained by the Sheriff’s Office to provide “extra eyes and ears” in finding missing and/or abducted children (including Amber Alert situations).
  2. Educate the community with programs to improve sexual-abuse awareness and prevention, including Internet safety.
  3. Protect children through various programs (such as identification kits).

2 responses to “About

  1. Praise the Lord! You all came to House of Prayer for All People Church, 69 S Balch St, Akron, OH last year and we are requesting your return at an upcoming Youth Walkathon for “R.E.A.C.H.” Youth Ministry. I will send you info later, but there will be a need for literature/brochures explaining who you are to the parents of many children who will be participating and may want their children voice recorded and fingerprinted also. My work phone is 330/971-7593 7:30-4p and home 330/745-1025.
    Thank You,
    Gail Marsh
    HOPFAP Youth Director
    Karen Smith
    HOPFAP Youth Minister
    Pastor R. Stacey Jenkins

  2. Thank you soo much for being at the Massillon….what a great and much needed service you provided

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